Baby George, Dubai

We family of 4. Spend 7 days in Nevsky Forum and enjoyed our stay with friendly staff.

H.Y. from Seoul, S. Korea

Thank you for the kindness.
It was short trip but next time will stay longer for sure.
Fall in love with St. Petersburg.

Chen Dan and Liu Xinwer

The girls are beautiful.
The boys are handsome!
See you next time!

Abbe and Paul (from Miami - USA)

Hotel was Great - we love the beauty of St. P - will recommend this city to our friends! Thank you!

Aziz + Fanisal from Kuwait

Amazing hotel
Perfect location
Beautiful room


We have good trip!


Definitely a night to remember.
A wonderful hotel and a wonderful experience.
Our sincere gratitudes.

Guest from Finland, Tampere

Thank you for a very nice first visit and stay in Russia and St. Petersburg!


Good news for supporters of sport lifestyle!
Trip to another city is not a cause to miss out on a regular way of life!
New Year holidays in Saint Petersburg!
Things to do in Saint Petersburg during winter New Year holidays!
Tastes of Italy at restaurant La Presse
Two gastronomic dinner with Luca Maroni 21-22 June in St. Petersburg!
An excellent opportunity to visit St. Petersburg with your family!
We are glad to welcome your family to St. Petersburg: Nevsky Forum hotel offers rooms for accommodation with children!