Our regular column - an interview with a guest!


Our regular guests are not only pleasing to us frequent visits, but also they recommend our hotel to your friends - it can’t but rejoice!

Using one of these cases, we interviewed Filipe Alves, who came from Portugal to cold snowy Russia to his friend and our regular guest for the New Year holidays. Filipe kindly agreed to answer the tricky questions of our general manager - Maxim Chepukaytis Cool

Maxim: Filipe, is it your first visit to Russia? St. Petersburg is the first city?

Filipe Alves: Yes, but I don’t feel I’m in a different country.

Maxim: What city of Portugal or Europe is St. Petersburg similar to?

Filipe Alves: In 2008, 7 years ago, I’ve lived in Budapest, and since then I fall in love in Eastern countries. So every year my holidays are in Balkan region, Baltic region, East region, I like Poland, Ukraine, Moldavia…

Maxim: Is that because of Ukrainian and Polish girls?

Filipe Alves: No, it’s not because of the girls, it's because of generally I feel more comfortable outside than inside. I mean I love the weather I love everything about this atmosphere, and the people in the bars, in the places, in the houses. It’s like I have this previous life in these countries. So for me this was no shock. I arrived to Saint Petersburg and I start to walk in the streets, I feel the same comfortable feeling here as in Porto – in my city. I fall in love with all this recent history about this part of Europe.

Maxim: St. Petersburg is similar more to Porto or to Lisbon?

Filipe Alves: That’s very different, I can’t compare. Porto and Lisbon are Mediterranean cities. Porto is more than 1000 year old, it is an old knightly city, it more similar to Edinburgh.

Maxim: Who will win in the match Zenit – Benfica? Whom will you support?

Filipe Alves: I don’t know. I mean I don’t like football that much. I more interested in ice hockey. I have to support Benfica because of my father and this is the only reason. He’s crazy about Benfica. Not because of me, not because of Portugal, just because of my father and that’s it.

Maxim: And the last question about Russia: what is Biathlon? Try to guess what it can be?

Filipe Alves: It’s a winter sport. Biathlon… Nordic sport.

Maxim: Would you like to taste our home made liquer?

Filipe Alves: Can I have it after lunch?... But if you drink with me, I will drink. A little can be Smile

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Javvad, Alessandro, Michel y Carlos

Buenas dias, Muchas gracias por el servicio y la hospitalidad. Nos ha gustado mucho Saint Petersburgo, y volvoremos seguro!!! un gran saludo a maxime, y gracias por "lift" del otro dia al theatro!! Un saludo de: Javvad, Alessandro, Michel y Carlos

Guests from Australia

Delightful hotel - friendly, helpful staff, a very nice food. We have enjoyed our stay in this beautiful city.

Audwin Iskandar from Indonesia

I had a good stay in this hotel and this great city of Saint Petersburg. And I enjoyed my trip in Russia so far. Spasiba!