Shopping in St. Petersburg – right in the heart of the city!

St. Petersburg is not only a cultural and business center but also a shopping city – there is a great number of department stores, boutiques, shopping centers everywhere. We may recommend as the chief shopping streets Nevsky prospect, Sadovaya street, Bolshoy prospect (Petrogradskaya storona), Sredny prospect and the 7th line of  Vasilievsky Island (near metro station Vasileostrovskaya)

The best shopping centers in St. Petersburg: where to buy souvenirs?

You are lucky to find the best shopping centers of St. Petersburg right in the city center. The biggest one is GALERIA, close to Moskovsky Railway station and Vosstaniya square (not far from Nevsky prospect). On five floors of this center you will find about 300 shops – to please any taste – from teenage brands to premium products. It is always full of people and bustling. The 5th floor is meant for the entire family pleasures: there are several restaurants, cafés and a cinema there.

Near GALERIA, in Nevsky prospect, we have another big shopping center – NEVSKY TSENTR. There is a special atmosphere in this place that perfectly suits respectable, solid customers. It has 7 floors: you will find here popular Finnish store STOCKMANN, many other European trademarks, and the whole floor with beauty stores.

Walking along Nevsky prospect from Vosstaniya square to Palace square you will definitely not miss the oldest department stores (the Soviet legends Smile: “Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor” (Big Shopping Arcade) and PASSAGE. Gostiny Dvor – a huge beautiful building, built in the end of 18th century, occupying an entire block. Here you will find just everything: small presents, nice souvenirs (of Russia and St. Petersburg), clothes, furs and jewelry. High Fashion Gallery occupies the main line of Gostiny Dvor, other three lines are full of all sorts of mid-priced trademarks, including Russian brands.

Right opposite Gostiny Dvor you will see PASSAGE – one of the first department stores in Russia (not only in St. Petersburg). PASSAGE is a covered arcade about 180 meters long with menswear and womenswear stores, shoe shops, beauty stores and perfume shops.

Next to PASSAGE – an arcade of boutiques GRAND PALACE. Over last 10 years it is the luxury goods center number one in St. Petersburg. GRAND PALACE – it is more than 80 boutiques with clothes, shoes, jewelry and interior design items.

DLT (Leningrad Trade House) is another very interesting shopping center with its own history (one of the famous Soviet stores). It is situated in Bolshaya Konushennaya street, a few meters from Nevsky prospect. DLT was reconstructed just a few years ago, and now opens its doors as a branch of Moscow department store TSUM (Central Moscow Department Store). You’d easily find here fashion brands’ clothes and accessories for the most fastidious customers.

Nevsky Forum hotel is perfectly situated in Nevsky prospect, only some minutes-walk from the core shopping centers. Have a good time in our city! Enjoy new experience, and don’t forget about presents and souvenirs for your dearest and nearest!

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